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"I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth " Exodus: 34:10 (KJV)
Just once more

O Lord God, remember me, I pray thee, and strengthen me, I pray thee, only this once, that I may be avenged for my two eyes. Judges 16:28

The above verse is the last words of Samson. A man once used mightily by God ends up pleading before the Lord to avenge his enemies. Retrospective thinking of the above words will give insight into our lives and learn a few essential things for our living.

The Israelites were tormented by Philistines for 40 years after they went after the idols. The Lord used Samson to deliver Israelites form them.

The life of Samson was planned by God even before his birth. His mother was announced of his birth and was given specific commands for herself when she carries the child in her body and for the bringing up of the child. She was cautioned against drinking strong drinks and eating unclean things. The child shall be a Nazarite before God, which means he shall be holy. (Jud 13:4,5). He shall deliver the Israelites from Philistines.

Manoah, Samson father. Samsons mother was seen by angel of God and said you will not be barren and give forth a son. What this shows,

She feared God, pious, run family in fear of God.

When the Spirit of Lord moved on him, he did mighty things (13:25). Once he killed a lion by its jaws (14:6), burns the field of Philistines and many more works.

Why did a man used by God faced failure before his enemies who once dreaded him. We can also ask, can a man used by God can be defeated.

Analysis of Samson’s life can give some insight into the answers.

  1. He sees a Philistine woman and loves her and wants to marry her. (14:1). The Lord has commanded them, You shall not be unequally yoked with a unbeliever. The lust of the eyes made Samson to forget the command of God.
  2. He goes into a harlot in Gaza. (16:1).We may say that I don’t do that. But there are several things in our life which are equally displeasing God. Today ask yourselves what are those things and depart from it.
  3. He told Delilah all his heart and said unto her about his Nazarite life and that razor has not touched his head. The final straw which totally breaks him away from the covenant of God. Then comes his destruction. Everyone of us is called to live a holy life.

The destruction of Samson did not come suddenly but gradually. He did not realise that God has left him.(Jud 16:20). Every time you commit a sin, you walk one step backward from the Lord. Every time you miss the church worship service or forget your vows unto Lord. All these without your aware of it, leads you away from the Lord and devil steps into your life.

What is the vow you did when you were saved? What about tithes and offerings? What about attending all meetings of the church?

Samson before he was tried cried unto the Lord saying the last words.

Whenever Samson cried unto Lord asking for supplications God has answered him, but this time he says Just once more remember me.

Samson was not given another chance. Therefore he cries in anguish to avenge his enemies for the last time. Since you found grace , he was given yet another chance. Today repent from your sins. The Lord shall remember you.

Gen 30:22 God remembered Rachel, God should remember your family, and bless your family and children.

Pro 3:5,10 – Trust in the Lord and your barns shall be filled

Gen 25: 35 What you did for them, you did for me.

1 Sam 1 :19,20 God remembered Hannah and gave Samuel

Exodus 2 :23-25 God hearkened Israelites cry regarding taskmasters. God remembered covenant made to Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

Gen 8:1 God remembered Noah

Ps 98:3 God remembered His people.

Samson asked God to remember the covenants God made to his parents, Now ask the Lord remember you, forgive your wrong doings. He is gracious to anyone who comes to him.

He shall restore peace and prosperity in your lives.

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