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Medical Miracles

Sister M, Chennai, India

Due to allergy, a white patch developed on my hand. I prayed to God. I refused to apply any medicine on it. I applied the oil blessed by Pastor Daniel. I also took a vow that I would offer God some money if God would heal me. I praise the Lord the white patch disappeared completely.

Sister Dhanalakshmi, Chennai, India

My mother broke her hip bones. She is old and plump. As the doctor did not put a proper bandage, her condition became worse. Through my neighbour I came to know of Bethel prayer house and came to pray to Pastor G. Adikesavan Daniel. He prayed for my mother. She has started to recover now. I have taken vow before God that if my mother is completely I would take water baptism. I am a Hindu. I did not know who Jesus is. I thank Jesus for giving me a chance to know about him through my mother’s ailments.

Sister Mary Magdalene, Chennai, India

My daughter was suffering from severe cough. She was unable to sleep or do anything. I took a vow before God and said I will offer it to God every month if God heal her completely. I asked the Pastor G. Adikesavan Daniel to pray for it during the fasting prayer. God completely healed my daughter. She is very happy now. Praise the Lord.

Sister Dr. Lily Cherian, Peitersburg, South Africa

Dear Pastor I would like thank your prayer group for praying for my husband, who is a cancer patient. He is doing very well. Thank God.

Sister Barbara, USA

Pastor G. Adikesavan Daniel, Thank you for you message. Your message arrived on the same day we found out the mass was bigger than previously thought. However, your email gave me faith that God is with me. Subsequent test have shown that there is no cancer in his bones or brains! I have been reading the Bible daily and also praying several times a day. I believe in miracles. Thank you for your prayers of the prayer warrior team praying for me and my family. I know nothing is impossible with God. God Bless you!!

Sister Sharmane Raphael Sunther, Malaysia

Dear Pastor Daniel, Thank you for the very encouraging mail and response to my prayer request. I would like to thank you all and encourage you about the Lord's faithfulness for the Lord has indeed been good and blessed me richly.

My asthma, amazingly, and I know that it is only by His stripes, has improved tremendously and I use an inhaled bronchodialator only when necessary and have cut down completely on the frequent use of heavy doses of my steroid inhaler. Once again, thank you for your prayers and kindness and may the good Lord richly bless you and your Ministry.

Brother Robert Guruswamy, Chennai, India

I am studying for Physiotherapy course. Just before my first year university exams, I along with my friends went to beach to relax ourselves. On the way back from beach to Hostel, I slipped from fell from the bus. I head hit hard the tar road. I became unconsious, I friends admitted me to the hospital. When I regained consious, I totally lost the memory. I could not recognize even my parents. The doctors told I have suffered severe internal head injuries and I will not be able to recover memory. My friends who regularly attend the Bethel Prayer House, asked the Pastor Daniel to pray for me. God heard his prayer. Within two months period, I regained total memory and I am continuing my course now. Praise be to the Lord.

Sister Molly, Chennai, India

I praise the Lord for giving me a beautiful boy baby. Immediately after the delivery, I developed allergic reactions due to some drugs administered to me at the time of delivery. I experienced terrible itching and boils throughtout the body. I was not even in a position to enjoy the birth of my son. The doctors tried all kinds of medicines and my food was also restricted. Inspite of all this I could not get a relief. So I asked Pastor Daniel to pray for me. The Bethel church sincerely prayed for me. God miraculously healed me from the itching. Although itching stopped, I had dark patches throughout my body it was very embarassing for me. I took a vow before God. He heard the prayers and made the dark patches to disappear. Now, no one can tell that i ever had a allergic problems. The doctors had advised me not to take certain foods which may cause adverse reactions. I take of all kinds of food and but the allergy has not relapsed. I praise the Lord for healing me completely and also thank Bethel Prayer House and Pastor Daniel for their fervent prayers. Glory be to God.

Sister Lisa Whorley, USA

God is so good! I wrote to you and asked you to pray for me and with me about getting pregnant and I am! Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for me and my family that God will forever be in our lives. I also want to tell you that God healed me of a bad sinus and allergy condition that I had for a number of yrs. And, he also healed me of a chronic back, hip, and foot pain that I had from a car accident. I continue to praise and thank God for such wonderful blessings and will never stop.

Helen, Bethel Prayer House, Chennai, India

I was having severe stomach pain. I tried all medicines it did not cure me. Doctors suspected of peptic ulcer and asked me to take a scan. I was aghast. I asked Pastor G. Adikesavan Daniel to pray for me. I also took a vow and prayed to God that when I take the scan it should be negative. Praise the Lord, the doctor said I have got a bacterial infection and it will be alright after treatment. Even before that God healed me completely. Thanks for the prayers of Pastor Daniel.

Molly, Bethel Prayer House, Chennai, India

My son who is only 1 year old smashed his index finger when he was playing. There was a heavy blood loss. We immediately took him to hospital. The doctors said a plastic surgery has to be done immediately. They asked us to take X-ray for fracture of bones. We prayed to God that there should be no fracture. Pastor G. Adikesavan Daniel came to our house and prayed. We praise the Lord for there was no fracture. God also helped him to undergo the plastic surgery with much ease. Moreover he did not cry of pain even once after the surgery. We give all the glory and praise to God alone.

Mrs. Salomi Zechariah- Chennai, India

My son Abraham was suffering from chicken pox for more than 5 days. As I am a working mother, I could not even look after my son. Pastor Daniel prayed for my son and he was healed. I have no words to express my thanks to the Lord.

Mrs. Gnanasoundari Rathnaswamy - Chennai, India

Last week, I ate a fruit, which became allergic to my throat. I took the prayer oil, which Pastor Daniel gave to me and added few drops of it in the water and drank it and prayed that the irritation should stop. God gave me instant healing. Praise the Lord for healing me.

Sister Mary, Chennai, India

I come from a Hindu background. My mother, Muniammal was suffering from cervical cancer. She was suffering from severe pain. Since we are very poor she could not take treatment. When we came to Bethel Prayer House, Jesus heard the prayers of Pastor Daniel and set her free from bleeding and pain and completely healed her. She took baptism through Pastor Daniel. She was also filled with Holy Spirit. Altough she passed away a year ago, we have a greater joy that she is with the Lord and one day we will meet each other in the presence of God.

Bro. Subramanian, Chennai, India

I was in deathbed suffering from cancer Doctors gave up their hopes God touched me after Pastor Daniel prayed, now I am completely healed. Praise be to the Holy Name of Jesus.

Sister Neela, Chennai, India.

I had stomach ache for the last 8 years, Believers of Bethel Prayer House brought me for prayer in a stretcher. God healed me completely after Pastor Daniel prayed for me.

Bro. Sundaram, Chennai, India

I am a fisherman by profession. I was suffering from paralytic attack of both hands and legs. I could not walk without help. I was taken to Bethel Prayer House in a fishing basket. When Pastor Daniel prayed, God touched me and healed me gradually. Now I can move about and attend church regularly. Praise the Lord.

Exodus 23: 25 says "I will take sickness away from midst of thee."

If you would like to have a miracle performed in your life, believe in Jesus, and email us your request at

Your request will be prayed for in our church Fasting Prayer and you will see a miracle.