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Response to Newsletters

Thank-you Pastor Joshua..I look forward to receiving the bible versus...Have a great day. God Bless you and your family.
Cathy Kontos, Canada

Dear brother,
Todays verse s were touching to me pls keep praying for me and for my needs..........

Thanks for the promise.
Paulette Hilton

Dear pastor,
Can u pls send me assurance of the day daily? last week i didn't get any. i'm looking forward to hearing from God's word.
With prayers,

Thank you so much for the verse it came at the right time .My collegues hate me
they do not want to speak to me I do not know what I have done to them I need Gods
Siza Makhanya, Zambia

Dear Pastor,
Thanks for the time and ministry in emailing daily verses of encouragement.
GOD Bless the ministry.
thanks & regards
Paul Talluri

Praise the Lord.
Assurance of the Day receiving from your end is very beneficial and a tonic for me everyday life. The Holy Words always had a comfort and advise for my day to day life. Morning itself i am looking for the assurance of the day from ur ministry. Get worried if i didn;t see the same. Please send it regularly.
May God bless you and ur ministry.
with best wishes.
suni thomas

thank you for this assurance verse. Lord God speak to
me through this verse
Iyyadurai David, India

thank you for I am greatly blessed by your daily Assurance.
Kosala Zenitha

Thank you for the inspirational emails.

Thanks u Very much sir,todays word gave me some support that my lord is with Me, who can be against me? . Iam in Same track my friends are all against but my lord is with me.

Thank u for sending me todays manna.

Dear Pastor,
Happy to receive the daily verses again. It is really nice to read the verses before starting the day at work. May God richly bless your work.
V Johnson, Toronto, Canada

Hi and thank you for the bible verses.
Lynda Williams

Many thanks for your e-mail
I used to get it years back, but some how it stopped coming
I used to enjoy your messages.
Oliver Desa

Dear Pastor,
I love the India Bethel Site and I respect your ministry. Just wanted to point out though,
That the Assurance for the day sent below is seriously not an assurance - it sounds like a verse of warning or a verse of curse and not a blessing. I wonder how that was picked to be sent as the assurance for the day.
Just wanted to let you know what I thought,
Florence, Tempe, Arizona, USA

Dear Pastor Praise the Lord, Really this is wonderful site. Let God be magnified. May God Bless you abundantly & the ministry.
Jacquelin Rose, Muscat, Oman

Praise the Lord,
Pastor after I got your mail I feel that I have take a very strong tonic to recover my heart & mind. I feel that something enter in my mind, soul & body. May God bless you with all blessing & spiritual gift.
Cecelia Sukumaran, Malaysia

Dear Pastor I only have words of praise about your site.A most wonderful and superb site. I just love the music that goes on when I log in.
Amitha Alex, Muscat, Oman

I would like to thank you for you newsletter. Please keep sending it to me and I appreciate the words from the Bible. These have been a blessing to me and I would like to continue to keep in touch. May the Lord Bless you for your newsletter and for your ministry ! God Bless. Love in Christ,
Val Browne (Mrs.), Pietermaritzburg South Africa

The Lord bless you and your ministry. May the Lord enlarge your territory and give you the greatest move of God you have ever seen in your midst. You and your ministry are such a blessing. May your harvest be great in him. Thank you for praying for the needs of others and standing in the gap for them through prayer. Because of Jesus and in his love,
Rebecca Peters

Pastor Daniel:
I thank God for your Ministry. I have been blessed to receive your Emails for the last few months. Your Sermons are very anointed. They really touch my life and strengthen my walk with the Lord. I always share them with my family and friends. Your sermon in Volume 3 Issue 3 about Faith is wonderful and edifying.May God Bless You,
P.K.Saljit, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Praise the Lord.....
Thank you very very much for the mail(blessings), I am very happy read that, and i pray for all. May our lord bless us all. praise you jesus.... . Thank you jesus, Praise you lord .... . Thank you lord Nandri
Sothiram Pastor

You have a wonderful website. My favorite part is the music when I log on to your website. Good Luck,
Supriya Prithviraj, Morris Plains, NJ, USA

Dear Pastor,
With full of joy i received your message the content was crute understood, Sir i'm really appreciate your effort towards my life through your prayers and to say Thanks for your encouragement. May God of heaven grant your effort in Jesus Mighty Name. Your's
Isaac Ejiahuse, Dakar

Dear Pastor,
I am really blessed to read the content of this e-mail you have sent me. Thank you very much indeed, of reminding me and I hope that this is just only a beginning of our everlasting communication, really I want to learn more about the bible. God bless you.
Bro. Leo N. Mojica, El Shaddai DWXI-PPFI, Paris France Chapter

Dear Pastor,
My name is Charles Walker and i live in Melbourne, Australia. I have not met you nor do i know you, but for some reason I get emails from you occasionally ... I received a newsletter from you today which I think is very strange because everything mentioned in the letter seems to be happening in my life at present. ...(the newsletter I am refering to is Vol 2 special issue Sept 2001). Thank you,
Charles Walker, Melbourne, Australia.

I thank God for Your ministry. Thank you very much for you also.
S. Andrew Kualalumpur, Malaysia

Dear Pastor Daniel,
Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus.
Your article is quite timely for the church in this present day. The whole church world needs what you have written. We greatly support everything you said in it and are so glad to know you think that spiritual way.
In Christ,
Bro. Peter and Rev. Dr. Irene Faulkes, Newzealand

Dear Brother,
I read your web site with some interest, it is very comprehensive. Yours in Christ.
Steve Williams, NewZealand

Thank you so much for the encouragement, through your teachings, personal e-mails, prayers and I especiall enjoy the music!! It sounds so clear and "just right". I praise our Lord for You All!
Janell Morse, Forbestown, USA

Received yournewsletter dated 16th August. I praise God for His message, as the message reached me exactly at a time, when I am walking in grief. thank you for the timely message.. may god use this ministry to be a blessing to many.
Jasmine jesudoss, Bangalore, India

Thanks for maintaining such a good site. It is a great inspiration to Christians.
Thomas T Roy, New Delhi, India

Hello Pastor Daniel,
I just want to thank you for the news letters, I want you to know how much I enjoy reading them, they are so helpful, May the Lord Bless you and your ministry. Your sister in Christ,

Dear Pastor Daniel
I like your website layout and theme and Bro Joshua has done a splendid job. I think it is a good idea to have your site interactive and of course a newsletter. In Christ, Peter and Rev.
Dr. Irene Faulkes, New Zealand

I take it seriously and enjoy doing it. It gives me a chance to go through the historical books of the Bible. Regards.
Matthews, USA

Dear Brother in christ,
Thanks for sending me the wishes for my birthday. Thanks a lot.. Iam really sorry for not sending any reply for the last two weeks..
Let the lord bless your ministry..
with luv & prayers,
Anban sunderson

Dear Pastor,
Greetings to you in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Many thanks for your very kind despatch of the Birthday wishes containing many meaningful Bible promises. God bless you.
Alfred Rathnavelu, Pondicherry, India

Beloved brother,
my name is banu. Since a very long time i had been receiving u message.thanks a lot for the messages which u r sending me.. Reading it , it gives me happiness in my life.
Bhanumathy, Malaysia

Dear Pastor,
Thank you for sending the verses for me. That was a blessing for me. My Mother is like that she will give me so many blessing and promises from the bibles, that help me to grow spiritually day by day. When I got the verses from the pastor I was really happy. Thank you once again. May god bless all the people who are in the group, and the ministry.
Thanks , May god Bless you all,
Neena Abraham, Canada

Dear pastor....
i am so interested in ur bible quiz.....i like it so much.....
Mathew Mathen

Hello Pastor Daniel, I thank you so much for your ministry that you are doing, it is such a blessing. Thank you Pastor Daniel for all your love and Prayers. God Bless you always,
Sandra Smith, Monero Valley, USA

Dear Pastor Daniel, Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I than you very much all the spiritual material your e-mailing to me. Dear Pastor Daniel, Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I than you very much all the spiritual material your e-mailing to me. Dear Pastor Daniel, Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I than you very much all the spiritual material your e-mailing to me.
Muralidhara Rao Pilli,King of prussia, PA, USA

My Dear beloved Brother,
My heartiest greetings to you in the name of our saviour Jesus. Thank you very much for the kind and holy advice which U have sent for which I am greatly indebted to you for my whole life.
C.Pratap, Pune, India

I praise your website.There should be more Christian websites like this. Keep up the good work.
Anand, Chennai, India

Most loving Pastor Daniel and Blessed Bethel Prayer House
Thank you SOMUCH for your kind email. We are blessed to have your email and Prayers.All Glory to JESUS alone. Through you prayer support we are blessed. With much love Your spritiual children in Dubai,
Alexander Mathews, Sunu Annie Alexander and Joel.

Dear Pastor Daniel,
First of all the I thank Him for the Internet technology which enables us to reach our Christian brothers all over the world. It is an immense relief and joy to hear that our individual burdens can be shared and prayed by you and your spritual prayer warrior team. Yes, Pastor Daniel our God is Indeed a Mighty God. At last I have found you and your prayer warrior team to pray for me, words fail me, pastor thanks once again and convey my deep heart-felt appreciation to your team.
Sincerely -

Please keep up the good works for the Lord God Almighty. This is a good way to teach young kids about God's word.
Babita, Evansville, Indiana, USA

Your Newletter is really inspiring. I long for this every week. I get lot of inspiration and insight and courage by reading this. Eventhough I read Bible, I often can not understand the meaning unlying the same. But the way you explain the Bible words with everyday life, it makes the same really meaningfull. I pray to Almighty God to make this Newsletter more frequent and inspire people who has access the same. Most truly,
Neena Joseph

Dear Pastor, Praise the lord. My greetings to you and to all the members of Bethel Gospel church. This newsletter is a blessing to me. There were times when I used to think about Bethel church and the worship which I used to participate before coming to U.K. But by this newsletter iam still able to know what God spoke through pastor. I hope and pray that this internet ministry should reach many people and should touch and change their lives too.
Malini Wilson, Middlesex, UK

Your web site, your service and your organization is an excellent one. I appreciate your services. It is a good media for the interested one to know more about the bible and the living God. I am very much interested in going through the quizzes, because I want to improve my bible knowledge.
Aleyamma Abraham, Anand, Gujarat, India

Dear pastor
thank you for your kind words of encouragement.we sincerely pray that God will bless your ministry and bring many souls to his kingdom. Yours in the Lord
John Gabriel

Dear Pastor,
I must say I was unaware of this site. When I browsed through it I was extremely happy to know that prayers are conducted for any problems in life. Thanks a million for this opportunity to write to you.
Very interesting and knowledgable.
Sunija Abraham, Doha, Qatar

Baji, Ruwi, Oman

Pastor Daniel, May God bless you!
This newsletter answered me all of the questions which I've asked Jesus during three weeks. All I can say is that Jesus love me, watch me, guide me and is on behalf of me.
Ester Yang, Taiwan

Greetings in the Name Of Jesus! Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for the newsletter. It has been inspiring and a blessing. Minister
William C. Fisher, USA

Pastor Daniel: I read your newsletter message. It is always an encouragement.
Jacqueline Robbins Pate, Austin, Texas, USA

Thank you so much for your faithfulness and your encouragement.
Andy Armenta, Semi Valley, California, USA

I receive your message with gladness in my heart because as for me it is a very special information upon receiving your good news. so by time receive my appreciation.
Pastor Sabino Pingjkian, Tagbilaran, Philippians

Dear brother in christ,
received your news letter on march 1st which being my birthday. thanks for the wonderful coincidence. It is a fitting message. i am greatly moved by the message.
Paul Michael, USA

God's Blessings upon you and the ministry. I really enjoy your newsletter and have tried to pass it on.
Ervin Ray Livingston, USA

What a splendid, heart-warming message from our dear father while reflecting the glory and grace of our Eternal Father! How strengthened we feel after reading the message. Please convey my heartfelt thanks and gratefulness for his message -- the wonderful words of strength, which have sustained our lives.
Bhaskeran Thomas, Chennai, India

Beloved Respected Pastor G.A.Daniel
greetings in Jesus precious name
Iam receiving your email messages every week. thank you very much
Pastor J Sudheer Kumar, Nalgonda, AP, India

I received this week's newsletter. It was very encouraging.
Subramaniam Anita, India

Dear Pastor,
Thanks for your mail. Your news letters were encouraging me in the past . I always forward the letter to my email contacts.
Gigi M Thomas, Safat, Kuwait

Pastor Daniel i really appreciate your newsletters.
God Bless you.
Susan Stewart, Oregon, USA

Dear Pastor Daniel,
Praise the Lord !!! I thank you for sending me regularly the newsletters, which are very inspiring. May the good Lord bless You and your Intercessory ministry always.
In His Service
Hazel Remedios, Mumbai, India

It is been blessing. i would like to refer few others, so that you could send your news letter.
Thomas Varkey, Garland, Texas, USA

your news magazine is a great blessing.
Pastor Samkutty, New Delhi, IndiaI really appreciate your letters and i will give you some friends would like the letters.
Diana Hansen, USA

I enjoy your news letters and sermons. God bless all you do.
In Christ
Pastor Bob Landis, Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Pastor Daniel,
I look forward to your email daily for inspiration and guidance but have not received any lately so I don't know if somehow my name was dropped from your mailing list.
Sheri Lios, Amarillo, Texas, USA

I love receiving your letters. some time when I am depressed or down I'd get inspired when reading one of those on my bad days..
Kris Hood, USA

Dear Pastor,
Read your mail and gives thanks for sending news letters correctly. I am reading your news letters and it reveals Jesus Christ.
Kishore Lal, Kerala, India

Thanks for the good letter.it always happiness. thanks for remembering in your prayer. God will bless you.
Jaisy Rajan, Washington, USA

Dear Pastor:
I enjoyed your web site and felt the presence of the Lord as I read your message on faith and listened to the music by your worship leader.
God bless your work for His Kingdom! I look forward to your email newsletter.
Daughter of the King, with a servant's heart,
Jacqueline Robbins Pate

Pastor G. Adikesavan Daniel,
I enjoy your NEWSLETTER very much. Very easy to understand. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.
Charles T. Murphy

Dear Pastor,
Thank you very much for the inspiring and strengthening message. It was a blessing for us as a family. God bless you and family in a mighty way in the following years to be blessing to many.
V. Daniel, UAE

It is very nice to hear Lord's words explained in such a simple way. In this world of uncertainty and anxiety, this is giving us fresh hope and peace of mind. I hope to receive good news. Keep writing, this is of great help. Thanks and regards,
Neena, India

Dear Pastor Daniel....
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!!
I'm fine here....Hope this mail finds u in Good health and cheer. Thank you
very much for the lovely New year message...It was very soothing and
inspiring....Kindly continue to pray my family and myself... Thank u... Convey
my regards to all at home and at Sabai.
Remembering everyone in my Prayers....
Keep in touch....
Take care....
Ever lovin
Getzia Lavanya....., India

Dear Pastor Daniel,
I don't know how you got my e-mail address, but I'm sure glad you did.
I enjoy your newsletter very much. I'm a grandmother, raising a severely handicapped grandchild. I'm at home much of the time, with little money to do much, so the e-mail is my entertainment. I receive most of my e-mail from Christians, which is a great blessing. Thank you for adding me to your e-mail addresses and may The Lord God, bless you for it.
Yvonne Morgan, USA

Dear brother,
Thank you for your regular newsletter. i enjoy reading them . They are both interesting as well as useful .
God bless you,
In His Service ,
C.R.David, Trichy, India

Dear Bethel folks,
I enjoyed the message, but I'm not sure who wrote to me. As far as I know, I have no connection to your organization. Could you please clarify?
Daniel Foster, USA

I want to thank you for your emails and that you pray for me and my health, I want to tell you how much of a Blessing that you are in the lives of others and that I pray for your ministry and that God will continue to Bless you. thank you and again thank you for your prayers,
Your friend in Christ
Sandra Smith, USA

Dear Pastor Daniel,
May the Almighty God bless you, your family and all at Bethel Prayer House,
for all that you are doing for His kingdom. Here's wishing you and the
entire team a blessed and prosperous New Year.
Hazel Remedios, India

Thank you very much for your encouraging message & new year wishes. We wish you a happy & prosperous New Year & pray that God use you greatly & bless you abundantly in your ministry.
Thomas Samuel & Family, Muscat, Oman

Dear Pastor Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I know that I am late, but still I want to wish you a happy new year. I have enjoyed reading your letters and have always looked forward to it. In fact I keep a copy of them in my computer. I pray that the Lord our God will continue to bless your ministry so that may more souls would be saved.
Oliver, UAE

Pastor G. Adikesavan Daniel
Greetings in the lovely name of Jesus,
Thank you so much for E-Mailing us at Living Waters Ministries I truly enjoyed your news letter and web site.
Apostle Philip J. Emory , www.livingwatersministries.com